Friday, November 19, 2010

Random workings of the mind

One- I really really want to see Harry Potter. A lot.
Two- I love eating banana split ice cream. And facebook stalking with Katie. I gaurantee, if your wedding picture is online, we just looked at it.
Three- I just spilled said banana split ice cream on my touch pad. Sticky, gross, idiotic. yep.
Four- I really should be asleep. But I'm not. Again.
Five- I am volunteering with the Aggie Special Olympics tomorrow. I am kind of nervous, not gonna lie.
Six- Going home tomorrow. Then coming back for two days then going home again. I wish there wasnt a 'coming back for two days'. so much gas. so little time.
Seven- I'm super frustrated with the blog designer. It will let you do slideshows, but only online and not from a file on your computer. Grr...
Eight- I wish I hadn't already burned through the Hunger Games series because I want to do it all over again without knowing what will happen. There's nothing like reading a book for the very first time.
Nine- During finals week, Katie and David and I plan to spend 24 hours straight in the library. Sack lunch, sweats, toothbrush, all that. We have a spot staked out on the fourth floor. More to follow.
Ten- Nate is leaving. have already cried. Will cry more. No one ever sympathizes with the best friend, just the girlfriend. The gross injustice of it all makes me rather peeved.
Eleven- Snorkle. Albuquerqe. See I can do it too. Goodnight.

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