Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Positivism isn't just a Sociological Paradigm anymore.

Katie is rubbing off on me. Which is good, cause she's my favorite person today, and a lot of days. One day, she walked in the door and said, "You guys, it's the best day ever!", and it was all over. Then she decided one day to play the youtube game and show me these two videos. One  was a song called Happy Morning, and none of your lives are complete unless you have seen this incredibly positive piece of media. I hum it to myself every time I wake up and have to go to my Creative Arts class. Instead of crying and going back to bed, I hum and go to class. The other was a video called Jessica's Daily Affirmation. This kid has the best attitude in the whole freakin world. I want to be her when I grow up. We break out in "affirmations" on a fairly regular basis here in apartment 27. Never in my life has positivity been a particularly strong aspect of my character, and then Katie got me saying, "Best day EVER!" every day. After a while, it is impossible not to believe it. Even when that job never calls back or when I get a 70 on my creative arts test (which happenned today) or when I have the hiccups from hell and my muscles just hurt or I can't find a ride home, it's still the best day ever. Those things really don't make an impact. In fact, I had to think really hard to come up with that list of crap. You want a bigger list? I got a letter, I met with the bishop and got things rolling with Brighton, Jasmine bought me Pringles just because I like them, when I left my ID at home the guy at the quickstop still let me use my credit card (although that would be really bad if it wasn't me trying to use my credit card), I called my dad and he was off work and not asleep which is a miracle for me, the queen of bad timing, the owner of my apartment sent us a fifty dollar gift certificate in the mail because we had a leak in our bathroom ceiling from the boys upstairs, the boys upstairs taught me how to play guitar hero (don't judge), I got a wedding invitation from my friend Jessica, my 200 point presentation went really well, I watched john pinette and laughed until I couldn't breathe or swallow, that guy who sleeps in my chair in the library was not asleep in my chair in the library when I got there today, my alarm worked this morning, i found cheap shampoo, and I am coming home this weekend, at which time I am going on a date, having a storytelling party with Nate and Carly, seeing my family, pranking with Matthew, and all of that happened just this week. Could life GET any better? (friends fans, please appreciate the chandler bing reference. could there BE a better show?)

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