Saturday, November 13, 2010

Top Ten Reasons my Dad is the greatest

1. He is very wise. I love talking to dad when I don't know what to do because the things he tells me just make sense. But its hard to make sense in your brain when you are are hysterical, which is usually what happens to me and never what happens to daddy.
2. You know that person that you never want to disappoint them because when you do its the worst feeling in the planet? That is Dad. More than anybody else, he is the person whose expectations I want to meet. I haven't always, but whenever I am okay, it is because I know Dad would be okay with what I am doing in my life.
3. Blasting for bodies is great, especially now that he can't just pick me up and carry me out of bed when I don't wake up. I can fight back which makes it more interesting. (And the whole wet willies thing that he taught me- I am passing it on dad. be proud. and watch out because matthew and libby are coming for a piece).
4. Dad has the good old Robinson workaholic gene. Which wasn't so much fun when I was little and he was always at work but as I've gotten older, he has taught me a lot about working hard and doing a good job. Dad taught me to work hard enough that I am satisfied with the effort, even if who I am working for doesn't expect that much from me. That has become more important to me as I have gotten older because I get the opportunity to work with my dad. He always goes above and beyond the expectations because he can't be happy with mediocrity. Life goal right there.
5. Daddy is the service guru. Another branch of that insane work ethic. He fixes cars not just for himself and all his kids, and neices and nephews, and their spouses, but for the neighborhood as well. Even if he doesn't have time to fix it, he is forever helping to diagnose problems for the neighbors and buying parts for them with his discounts. And he is always the first to volunteer when anyone needs help, even if they don't ask for it.
6. Dad is a really good father. One of the things I love most about him is that he is the kind of dad who teaches his kids how to pray. I have this picture that Bekah found for me once upon a time. It is of dad and me sitting on the old couch in the living room. We are both wearing pajamas, I am about two years old, and I am sitting in his lap with my arms folded and his arms around me. I was two, and he doesn't remember either, so really there's no way to know for sure, but it sure looks to me like we are praying together. One of the reasons I love the Gospel so much is because of Dad's example.
7. Once upon a time probably a month ago, I was home visiting on the weekend and we were eating dinner. There was me, mom, dad, bekah, and matthew. Poor guys, we got to talking about some rather female things when dinner was done. There came a time when Dad was standing by the sink drinking a glass of water and actually spit it all out because he was laughing so hard. I guess the point of that was that he has a good sense of humor. With four daughters, he has to, I guess. He is a really good sport about that type of thing.
8. Dad knows us all really well. He sees me so clearly when I have trouble seeing myself clearly. This is pretty great when I need help and have no idea what I am even doing in my life. There have been times when dad tells me things about myself that I had no idea were even there.
9. Dad is a worthy priesthood holder. That is something really important to me, but probably because it is really important to him, you know? I have always been able to go to my daddy for a blessing and that is huge. One of the biggest things I love about my dad.
10. Dad loves mom. That probably should have been number one. I am so lucky to have parents that love each other and respect each other. They are a team. I have so many friends, probably half, whose parents either aren't married or wish they weren't. Any marriage, and any family, will have struggles and we are no exception, but Mom and Dad have been married for thirty one years. He still opens doors for her and they hold hands all the time. They are constantly serving each other. I asked dad on their last anniversary if he loved her as much as he did when they were newlyweds, and this wonderful man said, "More. Every time." If that's not success, I don't know what is.

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