Saturday, November 13, 2010

Top Ten reasons Mom is the Greatest too

1. Mom is so willing and able to deal with all of the things I throw at her. She loves her kids and she cares about us. We don't even live there anymore and her life is still all about serving us. She is the most willing cook, babysitter, therapist, appointment maker, errand runner, and worrier I have seen to date.
2. Mom has goals, and she works for them. She and dad told me that goals are so important and that I should write mine down. But she also teaches by example.
3. I can't count the number of times I would go downstairs to ask mom a question and she would be kneeling by her bed, always with her glasses in her left hand, praying. Word would spread through the house that mom is praying so everybody should stay upstairs. Ten minutes later she would be upstairs asking what we needed. Example.
4. Mom was the Relief Society President once upon a time and this is where her service gene really kicked in hardcore. She was working full-time and taking care of me and my sister and brother. (I don't care what anybody says. Teenagers take more energy.) But she was still always driving around visiting people and doing things for all the women in our ward. Super- president.
5. Mom wants us to do what is best for us, and she is willing to sacrifice to make sure we are able to. When I went to Brighton, she had to do a lot of things that I would have done if I had been home, and worry about getting me up and down the canyon every week, and generally make me feel better when I was having a hard time. She is willing to do extra things for us to be able to do what is important for us.
6. Mom really loves her family and wants to serve them even though they live far away. She has three hour long conversations with aunt gwen and laughs harder than any other time.
7. Mom endures. She does things that are not fun and keeps doing them just because it's gotta get done.
8. Mom always knows what to do. She  has the solution that works well. She knows what to do and where to go next and helps me make decisions when I don't know what to do, but she has also helped me to learn to make decisions by myself. Mom taught me that you have to commit to something so you know not to blame others or complain when things get hard, and she reminds me of the reasons why something is important to me when I want to quit.
9. Mom has made a lot of hard decisions by herself and she knows what it means to make decisions for good reasons, in order to fulfill righteous priorities. I admire her strength. She is willing to do good things, even if she has to do them alone.
10. Mom is above everything else, faithful to her testimony. She built it by herself because it was important to her, and she has made the gospel the number one thing in her life, and helped a lot of other people do the same, including me. She taught me that the goal of life is to make what you want and what Heavenly Father wants into the same thing. She does good things, and she does them for the right reasons.

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