Monday, November 1, 2010

A whole new view of Pumpkin Smooshing

Yesterday was Halloween. So we carved pumpkins last week and it was pretty epic. Best of all was probably B's pumpkin. Taking about four hours, (he was here until one thirty) he carved into a pumpkin this years homecoming slogan: Y don't U kiss my A? It was probably the most awesome pumpkin in the building, no lie. Second in epicness was Sarah's pumpkin. The original plan was to make the death star, throwback to star wars and all that. Six hours and 3/4 of the way through this process, she gave up and decided to modify the idea. Katie and I came home from school to find Sarah's pumpkin slashed up in pieces, which were piled neatly in line with all of our pumpkins. The newly modified idea, Sarah said, was named, "the destruction of the death star, cause that's the coolest part of the movie, right?" She had gotten so frustrated that she took the pumpkin out to the hill and  got busy with her Katana. (This is the ninja Japanese roommate, remember. Does she have a sword in her bedroom? Absolutely. She also stabs Shane with forks.) So today, we are all sitting in the kitchen having family time and the really grumpy man manager from across the hall comes and tells us to throw away the pumpkins because Halloween is over. (It was yesterday. Seriously, dude? smile. freak.) So instead of throwing them away like boring, conformist people, we decide to take the pumpkins outside and mush them with a Katana, reminiscent of the death star. Talk about a stress reliever. And I don't care if Sarah did say I looked like a dork, I felt like a ninja. Throwing away the pumpkins is generally a pretty depressing, albeit necessary, activity. Could there be a better way to make throwing them away as epic as carving was? Not really.

*New apartment goal for the winter: make a snowman army and have some more fun with the sword. Maybe there will be some red food coloring, too, depending on how morbid I'm feeling.

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