Saturday, December 11, 2010


Dear Internet,
I hate my blog background. Also, there are no cute ones to switch to. Also, no one will ever read this so it doesn't matter if my blog background sucks. Also, I am really sick of singing those same two songs in that same old show and I have six minutes until I have to go do it again. If Mendelsson was alive I would apologize for spelling his name wrong because that is just the kind of grammar freak I am, and then I would shoot him for making that show longer than it had to be by writing music to it. Also, for putting in only two songs that are in different acts, because that means that I have to be there for three freaking hours and I am only onstage for ten freaking minutes. Is that an appropriate timewasting to performance ratio? No freaking way, man! Also I have a headache that has not got away for what feels like my whole life but is actually closer to four days, which is a lot shorter than my whole life but still way too long for a headache to last. Also, the grumpy managers across the hall wouldn't let me have a vacuum at five seventeen because, "It has to be before five. Sorry." Like * you are sorry. Sorry people don't sound that smug. Fact. Also, I am really tired of ramen noodles. I want to eat actual food. Also, I am dreading my religious studies final. Because it isn't stuff you can actually have answers to, like, 'Pick three monotheistic religions and identify their cosmogony traditions' differences and similarities.' That is doable, albeit incredibly boring. No, he asks questions like "According to David Wolpe's definition of religion, what is the inherent risk in asserting belief in God and/or religious tradition through the lens of existentialism?" Can anyone actually understand that and come up with an intelligent answer? ( if you can, don't tell me. bubble- poppers are not appreciated.) Also, I wonder why life is not like chick flicks. Is it because God is in charge and men don't like chick flicks? That was a really blasphemous thing to say. (That's right, Tori. Go get the tar.)

I am in a really yucky mood, hence the blah. Not that anybody noticed.

*That word I am not supposed to say, let alone post on the internet for my mother to read.

Well, now that all that angst is out of my system, I can study some more. Which won't help all that much, because I am pretty sure studying and paper writing is the catalyst for all the angst. Sigh.

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