Saturday, December 4, 2010

When Life sucks....

....I go live in the lobby. This is where I was last night. Writing letters with Pandora on and trying really hard not to cry. Completely tense and stressed and exhausted, so of course I can't sleep.  ( Can't call anybody because it was one in the morning, and we are on college standard time) And this is where Shane comes downstairs, sees I am sad, turns around, sits down on the bench, and says, "talk to me." So I am complaining about how I am so tired and I can't sleep because my idiot brain won't shut up, and life is kicking my butt. And he tells me to go watch a movie and fall asleep.  And it worked. Good friend, good movie advice, good night's sleep even if it did start at three in the morning. So really, life doesn't actually suck that bad.
(Shane. Thank you for making me go to sleep. And now you can't complain cause you aren't in the blog. Ha!)

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