Monday, December 6, 2010

Here in Apartment 27...

There are some commonly used phrases, such as:

"Wendy's Run!"
"Get up off me!"
"Did you know that you wanted to make me food? Is that something you knew you wanted to do?
"What is he doing? No one knows."
" Are you guys Stargazing again?" (when Sarah and I watch Stargate)
" BAM. Roasted."
" Beat that! Oh, You can't!"
" Best. Day. Ever."

" I like my whole house!" clap "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah."
" You are really dumb, for real."
" No skankovers."
" I drank a diet coke, and that is why the world goes round."

There are also some things we call each other:
Face. (This one is mostly just for Chelsey.)
Boy. This is mostly for Cody, being the actual fiance, but it works for other people too. The comprehensive list of boys we actually call 'boy' includes Cody, Michael, Jason, Sean, Shane, and Nate. There is also zach, but we call  him names that are generally meaner and less generic than just boy. Which he deserves.
Jose. This can be used on anyone, mostly in the "What the crap are you doing?" comments. For example, "It  doesn't really work like that, Jose.", or "Whoa. When was the last time you ate, Jose?"

Then there's the quote wall. A few classics include:
"How does he even get so many girls? He is a GINGER!"
" Sometimes, my brother invites my boyfriend to dinner and not me."
"That was an epic fall. I hope your nose is okay."
" Whenever I'm about to do something, I think, would an idiot do this? And if they would, I do not do that thing."
" What do you mean about doing a minor?!"
" You know, some days I think, I'm hungry, and my brain says, I agree. And my mind says, I concur. And I think to myself, Wow. Where did that third voice come from?"
" I'm from Vegas, all we have is dirty thoughts."
" No! Don't put on more clothes!"
And the ever classic: "Marriage ruins families!"

Could College get much better? Only if it was free.

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