Saturday, December 11, 2010

you know those times

when you are walking down memory lane. just a small stroll in your own cerebellum, and suddenly you remember all at once those things that were just wierd. those things that you don't exactly regret, but you really wonder if somebody spiked your diet coke before you did them? i thought of some of those today.

- the time i was at work and said booze. let me be clear. i wasn't being clear. and christian and alex thought i said boobs. this is wierd enough. but let's explain why it was significantly worse than it sounds. we had nicknames from mash at work and we would joke about it all the time. mine was charles, because apparently, within this specific group i was the pretentious knowitall who mostly fit in but was on occasion the brunt of scorn/practical jokes. (along with gina who was hotlips) in the true spirit of the winchesters, i told christian and alex (hawkeye and trapper) that if they were going to be mean then i wouldn't share my booze. hence the horror when they thought i said.... you know. that other word.

-the time i held that one guys hand. oh gosh. all i have to say is i am glad that jessica was there to stick up for me and give him a hard time about it when he said mean things.

- junior year. callbacks for the illiad. and we were supposed to be reciting the jabberwock but in different types of scenes as per Schmid's smallest whim. for example: deadly secret, divine intervention, etc. and of course, because we are in drama, there was the unwilling seduction, and the equally scandalous willing secuction. just because it was me and the universe has a sense of humor, i ended up with austin smith on the willing seduction round, and we got into it. schmid actually made that little throat clearing noise and moved on rather quickly. i had to make it convincing right?  sometimes i think about it and cringe a little bit. or a lot bit.
(not that i don't love you, austin. it was just a very uncharacteristically risque day for me.)

- that time i went on my first date with mitch. i asked him because i needed a date for brighton date night. why did i think that would be fun again? if i was smart i would have just made nate go with me. always the safe option. always.

- going to work on lortab. bad idea. very bad idea.

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