Thursday, December 30, 2010

bam/boom roasted

The Office. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Could it be dwight's collection of wigs, gathered in the event that he will need to pass as one of his co-workers? Could it be Pam's "homer simpson of scranton" complex? Could it be Andy's insistence on being called the Nard-dog? Could it be Michael's string of unsuccesful relationships, painfully brought back from distant memory because he thinks he has herpes? Or maybe Erin's awkward father daughter complex with her boss, resulting in even more awkward goings-on with Gabe and Holly? The answer is E: all of the above.

Before I went to college, I watched The Office a total of two seperate occasions. What was I missing and what was I thinking? Thankfully, the boys upstairs/ katie and chelsey have converted me. When they started saying BAM. ROASTED. I had no notion of the origin of such a phrase. Since then, we have put bam roasted on the quote wall, used it lots, and learned, (thanks again to the boys upstairs. dang you for being right.) that the phrase is actually, in reality, boom roasted. not bam roasted. We bet on it and were promptly defeated. shoot. its boom. painful to be proven wrong, but hey, we got to watch the video clip, so what's there to complain about? If I could laugh that hard every time I was proved wrong, my laugh lines would be way worse and I would be way happier.

Long story short, youtube it. unless you are mom. you wouldn't think it was funny.

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