Tuesday, December 14, 2010


At our house we have this theory about gingers. They are inescapably gingeresque and can never be anything else. I can't explain what it is, so don't ask. Those who know what I am talking about don't need it explained, and those who don't wouldn't understand. But i do think there is a difference between a redhead and a ginger. Katie tells me that this is never true. But I maintain. All gingers are of course redheads, but not all redheads are gingers. For example, there is this boy I met on the bus once upon a time three weeks ago. He has flaming red hair. Flaming. But I don't think he is a ginger. And that is why  we talked the whole way home and actually created inside jokes in those ten minutes. It was a good ten minutes. We covered majors, literature, engineering, broadway, music, and teaching. All in six hundred seconds. Then, despite the fact that he lives across the street and we both ride the bus everyday, I didn't see him again until this morning when he got off campus loop as I was getting on stadium express. Not only did we recognize each other instantly and smile wide, he actually remembered some insignificant thing I said and said as he walked past, "No machetes. That would be bad." (Don't ask) Wow. He remembered that? Second time I see him and we have skipped past all the stages of awkward eye contact and conversation recovery and straight onto the inside jokes. I feel that this bodes well. It is a wee bit irrational that I felt that excited when I saw him this morning. But I am okay with irrational, seeing as how he seemed excited too.

Katie, here is my confession. When I said it was fine that I hadn't seen him again and I didn't even care that much, that was wishful thinking. (Cause I am sure you completely believed me.) Call me a creeper, but I might actually start riding the bus all the time instead of just when it is nasty outside.

What is katie is right, and he is a ginger instead of just a redhead? There is a distinct possibility that I might like this boy. Dang boys. Dang ginger boys.


  1. so....which is Matthew? I love you little girl

  2. too soon to tell. when he is a teenager we will reassess. right now he is adorable.


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