Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Hater, part 2

This one is an analogy. As previously mentioned, I am the Grinch.

The Grinch goes over to visit whoville ( which is code for the Banks household), where are found many happy little whos. Now in this story, the Grinch didn't actually steal Christmas or anything, she was just generally a christmas hater. And then the head who/Julie gave the Grinch a Christmas Present comprised of an empty box and a story about a little boy who gave his teacher an empty box and told her it was filled with love ("It's filled with love. Can you see it?") The Grinch took it home and read it and almost bawled. And then the Grinch's nephew friend Matthew (who replaced max, who retired last year, I guess) said, "Aunty, open the box. I wanna see the love." So he took the empty box and went around asking everybody if they could see the love, resulting in a "heart grew three sizes" type event.

The Point: chaos still bugs the crap out of me. and I don't like not getting presents for everyone. But it doesn't really matter, cause when Matthew showed me the empty box, I could see the love.

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