Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We all know I steal ideas. I am stealing yours. Also, you are my favorite.

I like you. And your child, and watching tv in the middle of the night, and our hand slapping game.

Sorry I was busy today. I will play with you, I promise. Also, please stop throwing socks at my face.

Mom and Dad,
you are really nice to me.

Erin and Ben,
you are also really nice to me. And I like you both a lot. Why do you have to move away?

Your mom and dad are going to move and take you along. Unless I kidnap you and keep you instead. How do you feel about that?

Emma Lemon,
You are pretty.

I want a new theme song. Please.

Answer the phone you bum. I have exciting things to tell you.

Fine. Make me stressed. You'll never take me alive.

Love, Amy

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