Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's possible that my emotions are attatched to a Bungee Cord jumping off a bridge at this moment in time.

I feel so flattered.

My sister texted me yesterday to ask me to blog.

So now I have to, because Bekah asked for it and she is on my top three favorite people list today, and most days.  But I have been thinking all day about stuff to blog about and it's not working because all I really feel right now is the daybeforespringbreakbrainmush feeling. I'm done. So done. I don't even care anymore what I scored on those two tests I took today. Which is good because I had the headache from hades all day so I probably failed those. Except I didn't but I feel like I must have failed at everything today cause I feel so sick and gross. That's what happens when you stay up til one thirty, wake up and shower late so you don't have time to eat breakfast, and leave your wallet at home so you can't even go get a Pop Tart from a vending machine even though you are so hungry that your head is spinning in large concentric circles. So then I finished my tests, came home and ate food like a normal human, and I still feel like I am going to collapse in a heap.

What the heck is wrong with me? Because this post is for Bekah, I can say it.

Maybe I'm pregnant.

And now comes the disclaimer to the world. There is no way I am pregnant, unless we are talking about Star Wars and I am destined to be the mother of a little Sith Lord. Here's the story. Once upon a time when I was in Junior High, I was complaining to Bekah cause I felt sick. And she looked me straight in the face, and said, "Maybe you're pregnant." I was a very shocked fourteen year old person. And then I found out that Bekah and all her friends from work say that they are pregnant whenever anyone feels sick, or grumpy, or just looks at you wrong. So then I was no longer offended because my sister called me a skank, cause actually she was just indoctrinating me into the world of inside jokes from the ladies at the Harmons' Pharmacy.  And I felt okay. And now we say it all the time.

But really, I don't know what the crap is wrong with me! I always got carsick in the car, but now I get carsick all the time on solid ground. I used to think people who felt nauseous all the time were just saying that, but now I feel nauseous all the time. Even noises can throw me over the edge and make me want to puke. Yesterday in English we were watching TV clips and writing reviews on them to practice formulating thesis statements and somebody was cutting metal and I just couldn't stop the shuddering ripple that tore through my dizzy, weakened, body.  What is that about? I'm not actually pregnant, so why again have I been cursed with morning sickness problems? Mom says there is something wrong with my ears and that is why I am weird like this cause all your balance is from stuff in your ears or something all anatomyish like that. All I have to say is, real mature, body! There. Complaining complete.

I think I am done hating on my body which is really a wonderful thing. I appreciate walking, and eating, and breathing, and especially sleeping. There. Gratefullness plug complete. 

In other news, good things are going on in life. Like how that one English class I hate is officially done meeting for the rest of the semester and I never ever have to go again. And Sarah and Shane took me to Wendy's last night. So really, life's good.


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