Thursday, March 10, 2011

And suddenly, I am as happy as I would be if the oceans were transformed to diet coke.

I had this realization today. People read this thing. Not just my family.Someone else cares!Various individuals spanning two hemispheres. Which doesn't sound that impressive. but the world's a big place, right? Two is good. All I was going for was multiple hemispheres, and two is multiple just as much as four. So there.

Could life be any better? ( No Chandler. Not really.)

(On that note, everyone should watch Friends when you don't want to excercise. Your abs will still get a workout, gauranteed.Could it be any funnier?)

So here's to you, random readers of Denmark, France, Malaysia, and Russia! I blow kisses to you all and if I knew who you were I would send thank you notes or something. As it is, I don't so here is your generic shout out. Enjoy, and thank you for, in some small measure, validating my existence.

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thank you for validating my existence, you lovely person!