Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tonight at Family Dinner

for which dazzling event Katie and I went all out and made Better than Sex cake:

Sarah: So Shane, how was the cake?
Shane (the only one there who hasn't previously partaken of the blessing that is this cake): responds using weird baseball gestures. (no one knows. no one knows.)
Katie: We don't know baseball language, Shane. Spencer, translate.
Spencer: Do it again. Okay. That means I am stealing second base. What?
Amy: (highly innappropriate): So does that mean that it was only as good as second base?
Shane: I swear, for Mormon girls, Marriage is second base.
Amy: How would you know, VL?
Spencer: Oh wow. well.
Sarah: Seriously. You've never even kissed anyone!
Spencer: That's sketch.

Classic Dinner. I promise, in reality we are chaste and virtuous people who, here in this college town with no parental supervision, actually cook and have family dinner of a friday night. Really.

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