Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If you are trying to be like Jesus, don't read this.

Is it bad that I get really annoyed when a blog that is named Witty Banter is actually a blog wherein the virtues of your perfect fiance who is 'just the one' are extolled ad nauseum? If you are gonna name something witty banter! Sheesh.Why didn't you just call it "Look at me my fiance is hot!"? Way to crush people's anticipation!

Also, my cousin Amy is getting married. Woot! This means that I went wedding dress shopping. and maybe looked at two or seven websites with wedding dresses. And while she is beautiful and wears dresses with actual fabric on top, I feel really weird about the things people wear to their weddings sometimes. I understand if you are a skank in real life, but do you really want to flaunt that on your wedding day? Halter tops are for beaches, not weddings. Especially if you are one of those people who shouldn't wear halter tops. Or spaghetti straps. Or strapless. And, for heaven's sake, take a look and ask yourself, "Am I a person who can pull off a dropped waist? Do I really want that immortalized and hung in picture frames for everyone to see?" When Rose was engaged and we were dress shopping, we watched lots of other people trying on dresses. After one of these encounters, one of my sisters, in a moment of uncharacteristic snarkyness, said, "Really! There is a point when the dress is wearing you!" In a moment of, well, characteristic snarkyness, I would like to support that position. Thank goodness Amy has class.

One last venting session. I'm so done with snow. Seriously, weather? You are cold, and you are wet, and you are ugly! And I am wearing a boot which means that you got frozen crap all over my exposed toes today while I was rushing across the quad to Old Main! And it is the SECOND freaking day of spring! I rest my case, and you are banished from my life.

This is the part where I go to the gym and work off all this angst.
Call me a snark. You'll be right, and I will probably argue with you anyway.

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