Friday, March 4, 2011

Because I have morals...

.... the next week of my life will be spent with my family as opposed to whatever it is the majority of the collegiate community outside utah does on Spring break.  Also because Bishop Dunclay aka Bishop Superman sent out this letter with the monthly Ensigns to all our apartments which included the following:

(paraphrased, because of course I can't find the thing in our five hormonal girl messy apartment, even though I was dorky enough to actually get up and look for it)Something along the lines of:

Much hard work and progress of the past months can be undone in a moment of foolish indulgence over Spring Break. Continue to be dilligent and righteous.

Wow, foolish indulgence. The word sin may have been included, too. Way to go, Bishop Superman! Way to call out the classic image of Spring break and tell us not to go have sex and do drugs. I really like the straight-upness. (I learned that word from Daniel, who was imparting wisdom on the subject of boys, and how they appreciate straight-upness. Katie would say "boys are stupid so you have to tell them what you are talking abouut or they won't get it. Ha. Such biased gender roles.)

Anyway. President Dunclay.Because he said so, and I think the man is brilliant. All I can say is that it is a brave soul indeed who can take care of 200 college students with as much wisdom as he does. Superman. I wasn't planning on any of those ..ahem.. extracurricular activities. But now I feel the pressure to do something really good and productive over Spring Break. So I came up with a list of goal activites,which may or may not live up to the standard of good and productive but are certainly far better than said extracurricular activities.

1. Sleepovers with Matthew and/or Libby

2. Waiting around for an announcement involving shiny rocks.

3. Job Hunting. Get Ready, economy!

4. Sitting on the Kitchen Counter. A Lot.

5. Taking walks to the Park where I lived this summer. Feeding the horses.

6. Reading all the Emily books. close to scripture in my book.

7. Playing with Emma and getting thrown up all over. such Joy! Seriously. Not joking.

8. Picking dad up from the airport just like the good old days.

9. buying new flip flops. I still haven't gotten around to sueing Leatherby's for breaking my last pair with their gross, sticky, floor.

10. Speaking of Leatherby's, cheese fries, anyone?

11. Vacuuming the floor/dog at least three times.

12. give the dog a bath. maybe that will cut down the vacuuming.

13. watching tv with mom and dad in the middle of the night. Perry Mason. Here I come.

14. Waking dad up and sending him to bed at three in the morning.

15. Temple. Cause in Salt Lake you don't have to make up an appointment and they don't tell you no.

16. Watching She's the Man with Jared. Reminiscing over memory lane.

17. Siblings. Party time.

The only question is, would Bishop Dunclay Approve? I'll do my best to avoid the foolish indulgence,yes I will. Although dancing around the kitchen singing songs by the White Tie Affair isn't particularly productive. But it's one of those things that makes life worth living,you know?

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