Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yes, you should care.

The background on my computer is Calvin and Hobbes. And I pick a different face to represent my emotion not every day, but every twenty nine seconds.

I went to school in sweats today. but I did shower. Weird.

I have taken a nap eighty percent of all the days in the last two weeks. Cause I have no life. Also, Sarah told me I look like an angel when I sleep, so there's not much motivation for me to be awake, is there?

My left hand has black nail polish and my right hand has no nail polish. They both need some serious help in the cuticle department. If only I believed in paying thirty bucks for a manicure. But I don't, because I'm broke, and also there are kids in africa with no food.

I am full up on pasta with not a cheeseburger in sight. Shame. Who told Italy to take over?

At this point in my education, I feel that professors who hold class on the friday before spring break ought to be guillotined. Twice.Or maybe three times, depending on the amount of homework given.

No matter how many times I add words to my phone's shamefully small vocabulary, I still end up having to spell out names like amy, katie, shane. Or I get any, kathe, and shame. And that makes my blood pressure go up. yes it does.

I am now going to go cry to the boys upstairs because I don't understand how to solve complex fractions. Sleep tight, internet. 

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  1. You should bring your math when you come home for Spring Break. I love math, and Mark. Mostly just Mark though. =)


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