Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So Far, So Good.

Park/ horses/ telling Matthew two or maybe six times,
"Don't put your face close to Stilts' mouth! Remember how I told you that he bites?"Check.

Do math homework with Ben for a couple hours. Realize that the Twenty fifth Anniversary concert of Les Miserables is on TV Downstairs. Go watch the end, while Ben works on problem thirty eight. "Ben, what are you doing?" " Milla's homework." Whoops. Check.

Reading the Emily books, listen to Erin recount the story of when I ruined all her Emily books as a child. Apologize again even though she got over it a long time ago. Check.

Sleepover with Matthew. Sleepover with Libby. " Come on Aunty! You wanna play with me?" " Little, it is way past wake up time!" Getting slimed by Emma. (she doesn't talk, but she smiled about it.) Check.

Siblings. Party Time. Check.

Vacuum. Give the dog a bath. Get soaking wet and soapy, and hairy. Decide that I shouldn't try to bathe the dog without Rose, ever. Check.

Buy Hair dye, replace the old Flip Flops that Leatherby's broke with their sticky gross floor. Wander around WalMart for a decade with Erin and the girlies. "Libby, take the nail polish out of your mouth!" check.

Sitting on the counter. Check. Still waiting for the opportune moment to take a nap on it. Mom spends a lot of time at home, dang it. 

Go see the Region Previews at good old Taylorsville. Lay on the chaise lounge I built with Spencer. (I built a couch in High School. How cool is that? Okay, Egocentricness done.) Get my ear drum blown out because Sam and I have this thing where we yell instead of speak like normal humans and I was hugging him at the time. Laugh my guts out at Heather, who is still the funniest person I know. Check.

Watch The Joy of Painting with Emma. Get really excited because he tells me he is going to paint in a lot of happy little trees and some happy little foxes and a happy little cottage. Check.

I'm a geek. Check.

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