Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Raindrops on Roses...

....are beautiful in real life but less appealing when the Rose is not so much an actual flower as my super depressed worried stressedaboutschool sister. As she lives in Provo (which could be part of the problem. half-kidding, roser!) and I live in Logan, there is not a whole lot I can do to ease her homework load or her raindrops except tell the world all the greatest things about her. So Rose. Here is your very own blog post, cause I can do that from a hundred miles away even if I can't hug you.

And here is where we play a round of:


Rose has many good qualities and quirks, including, but not limited to:

1. She is beautiful in many ways. She has flowing brown hair, long black eyelashes, and sapphire eyes.  But my favorite thing is that she is beautiful musically. Girl has some pipes on her! She also plays the violin sometimes, and not only is she really good at vibrato, her wrists look pretty when she does it.

2.She is kind and sweet and understanding and forgives me for being the brat little sister she shared a room with for ten years. She serves everyone, specifically stray animals. They seem to flock to her for comfort and petting and to be returned to a worried owner. I can't count the number of times Rose found a random dog and helped the poor creature avoid a gruesome death on 5400 S. She has recently expanded the venture to include felines, and is currently working to find a home for a lost pregnant cat. It's a gift she has.

3. She taught me to rollerblade when we were little. The effort to keep me alive was of Herculean proportions. She got really good at bandaids and kissing bruised knees better.

4. Rose is a masochistic studyer. Which is why she  was a junior in college before she got less than an A and why she will not lose her scholarship no matter how bleak it looks today in the face of that test rearing its ugly head. (are you reading carefully, dear?)

5. Rose is a Geology Major. Which means that she gets really excited about rocks. And fault lines. And sedentary formation. And the layers in the cliffs. And clouds, cause she used to be an Earth and Space Science Education Major. When we went to Virginia beach and played on whatever kind of coast that was, she was positively giddy. Not that we were on a beach, but that she was analysing, "a whole different kind of formation than anything on the west coast!" While I complain a fair bit about her need to explain all these details from millions of years ago, I also think it is a little... I don't know.... cute? endearing? that's the word.

So let us all celebrate Rose's accomplishments on a day when school is sucking her life out. Don't worry honey. It happens to all of us. And you are awesome. Not just almost.


  1. Dear Little, I love you. Sincerely, BIG

    P.S. I am excited to see you!!!!!!!

  2. Ummm....sedentary? HAhahahaha. I think that you meant sedimentary. BTW I love you and thank you for this! ;)

    PS In an effort to be more endearing: the east coast is a passive continental margin. This means that the continental shelf is low angle and shallow for a greater distance than on the active margin of the west coast.

  3. see? do you see? listen world. this is exactly what I meant.


thank you for validating my existence, you lovely person!