Saturday, January 1, 2011

for the tab's sake

this blog is for one sole purpose. it is now 2011 and i need a 2011 tab on the blog archive.
So some things on my minds lately:

Amy is great. best twin ever.
Matthew is great. Best nephew ever.
three fifteen am comes way too fast.
completely random. but blogs that are just one line seem to be a waste of space. not that there is some space limit on blogging. But it's that whole needing to fill up the space thing that is sort of the same as when you are driving and you take the long way around as opposed to taking the short way that is clogged with traffic and sitting still the whole time. It takes the same amount of time, but if I am moving, I feel like I am getting something done. Call me crazy. You'll be right. Happy new years and goodnight.

(that rhymed. yes, I am a champion.)

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