Sunday, January 16, 2011

Commentary on some stupid things

1. Jeggings. For those of you lucky people who don't know what these are, jeggings are the term for leggings worn by themselves (like jeans, hence the j) Let's be clear, girls. These DO NOT count as pants. the end.
2. People (mostly girls, but with the occasional guy thrown in) who are so completely concerned ahem obsessed with looking fashionable that they completely disregard the fact that it is seven degrees below freezing, also known as "butt-snappin' cold!" The other day I saw this girl from my choir class walking in front of the library wearing what can only be described as hot pants with the seam ripped out. Her shoes were some Jimmy Choos imitation with nine inch heels, and she had on a short sleeved jacket. To complete the ensemble, a stunning pair of nice warm tights.... wait, no. She wasn't wearing any! This girl has a mile of exposed leg and it is january! Get a grip (and some clothes).
3. That is all. I feel better. 

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