Sunday, January 23, 2011

Diet Coke

it's good stuff. also, don't get addicted. also, always drink it with lime if you possibly can. also, lemon is the second best and just normal is also amazing. also, on a completely different note, math is kicking my butt, not because I can't do it or understand it (which is not the problem half of the time). It simply sucks all the fun out of my life. because as soon as you get one done, there's another class and another assignment due the day after that. but it's okay, cause diet coke helps me through.

I promise that I am really a lot more stable than this makes me sound. except the times when we break  out the brown paper bag. then I am not really stable at all. but that's also okay, cause hyperventilating isn't as bad as it sounds either.

goodnight. never land. this is where I put on pajamas and do math homework with some diet coke.

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