Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Faith in Humanity has been restored.

You know why? Today I was walking past the library on my way home from class, and some random man I have never seen in my life stops me and asks me if I am okay. I said I was fine and he explained that my eyes were red and watery and he was worried I was crying. I wasn't crying, but I guess maybe my face hasn't recovered from yesterday's teary meltdown. ( which is disappointing in the extreme) Anyway, I said thanks, he patted my arm and went on his merry way and I continued on mine, but I felt better. Before the random guy showed up, I wasn't crying, but I felt like I might. And then a total stranger demonstrated genuine concern even though stopping someone you don't know might seem taboo in most situations. And suddenly I didn't even feel like crying anymore.

Way to go, random guy.

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