Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A step on the Alpine Path

I really like my writing  class. And today I really liked it. Because we watched clips of UP which will make me smile on the worst days. Later on in class we were given five minutes to write a small anecdote about any random object we could think of in our lives, putting into it as much detail as possible without actually writing what the object was. Then we were supposed to read them to each other in groups. So I got done listening to Daniel's thing about being terrified of cookie monster when he was little (which was hilarious) and was reading mine (about the Troll Mascot we had back in Academic Team) and the teacher, wandering around, stopped in front of my desk and listened, then said, "That was really good. It's not like you are an English Major or anything, right?" I think he only pays attention to the stuff I write because I am the only English Major in the whole class, but still, he pays attention, and my ego has been fed with proverbial milk and honey and is satisfied. Maybe I don't actually suck at life. Now the question is, is there career potential in writing impromptu clever anecdotes?

For those of you who don't understand the title, read the Emily books. Then you can begin to enjoy life knowing you have read the essentials.

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