Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holiday Hater with Results

I am pleased to say that the whole concerted effort to be jolly this year has, in some measure, succeeded. I did things a little differently and it was probably the calmest most christmasy christmas i have had in a long time. Life changing alterations were as follows.
- I stayed in my pajamas all day and watched movies with my family instead of freaking out and trying to clean up all the stuff everybody left everywhere. Letting go of control is getting slightly easier. Of course, the next day, all signs of Christmas minus the decorations were gone. ( I am less ashamed than perhaps I should be to report that I openly used both vacuums for a long period of time on a Sunday. My stormy soul was much calmer afterwards, so I chalk it up to keeping the sabbath day holy.)
- I only cringed slightly when my parents listened to the Christmas station the whole way home from Logan. Instead, I chose not to let my blood pressure rise and instead sang rap songs to myself in my head. (Which seems entirely scrooge-esque, I know. But I have given up on ever liking Christmas Music to the perhaps unhealthy amount that my family seems to enjoy it, and I will count myself successful if I am able to go on happily with life without screaming.)
- I went to Midnight Mass with Amy and Mark and Daniel. I have always wanted to go to Midnight Mass (like a good little mormon) and it was on the high end of the really awesome scale. I will be doing that again. (If I go to Mass on Christmas and Easter, can I be mormon AND Catholic?)
- I actually started saying Merry Christmas to people I saw in Walmart and those people I gave pizzas to while I was at work, and you know what? It was merry. Saying it is magic.

Overall, I feel that my anti-scrooge/grinch efforts have been rewarded and successful in some measure. More to follow next year. Maybe I'll hang up mistletoe or something and sing reindeer songs if this goes on long enough.

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