Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ode to Elder Hansen

Best friend in High school Nate Hansen has been promoted to favorite missionary Elder Hansen. Because he is cool like that. He is in the MTC, giftoftongues-ing the place up. Seriously, he wrote me half a letter in Spanish on his fourth day there. Is that a normal learning Spanish rate? I think not.

Anyway, I got a letter from him yesterday and there may have been some skipping and yelling and dancing around my kitchen. So I have been thinking about him and how much I miss his whole self. Because he is really awesome. And a fabulous friend. And we had some really good times. Like the time..

- I had a stupid quick change between those scenes in Les Mis and he was the only person in the universe who could succesfully get me in or out of the old hag costume. (Which I had on over other clothes, in case some people out there were speculating about the appropriate level of clothing which people should wear in the presence of their opposite-sex friends)

- when he was driving me home from some place in the middle of the night and there was a spider on the windshield. Not a normal spider, but a huge hairy potentially flesh eating  aragog-esque spider. And he was driving so it was my job to deal with it. Especially when it moved up off the windshield and onto the roof of the car directly over Nate's head. So nate is driving and I am out of my seat trying to get the spider stuck in a cup or something but it is insanely fast and runs away and hides. So then we pull into my driveway and both crawl around the van for a while trying to find the hideous monster stuck in the car. we finally give up and he goes home and I go inside at the same time as my sister who teases me about that half hour in the rocking van. (Please. you know that because you were making out with your fiance in his car ten feet away. I was looking for a flesh-eating monster. Who's the innocent one here?)

-When Schmid named us Lucy and Ethel because we argue (lovingly) all the time and we wrote each other valentines from Lucy and Ethel on the concert choir valentine board.

-In the middle of the summer when I sat on his kitchen floor crying on his shoulder and he actually cared about my stupid issues.

- That time we went to the temple on a random Tuesday morning just cause we felt like it. Seriously the Best. Day. Ever. nothing beats it.

- That one time I watched a session of conference with his family and his parents came down at the end to find everyone asleep. You can bet I got a lot out of that session.

-That time I couldn't find my phone keys wallet backpack jumpdrive shoes brain sanity etc and he went all around the school finding my stuff then drove me home and made me stop crying and go to sleep.

Basically, he is awesome. And I really want it to be two years from now, right now. But letters are excellent as well, so life is great. And in the meantime, the people of Argentina will receive a heart of gold in the form of Elder Nathan Jeffrey Hansen. Official coolest person ever.

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