Tuesday, January 4, 2011

here's where we talk about my total lack of creativity

hey, everyone,  I hate my blog! it is the kind of boring that spawned jigsaw puzzles. I keep trying to change it to something clever and witty, and creative, and artistic, and just dang cool all at once. Not even one of those five criteria are really coming through. At all. Not even a little bit. Zero fun, sir. Less fun than football camp, which is hard to do.* So here's my question for the cosmos!  Why can't i just be interesting? Isn't there some genius catalyst floating around in limbo that needs a home? I am willing to take that on. I'd just like to be capable of some witty repartee, some clever idea that changes the world or at least my own self, at the very least an interesting blog design. Is that too much to ask? The only conclusion provided by my currentlysuckeddryofanyoriginalthought brain is that I should listen to mozart while i sleep. Because experts say, mozart makes babies smarter! ** anyway. ranting done. nothing is really the matter, i just felt like having a shout. (cowabunga)***

* kudos to anybody who caught the denzel washington reference.
** yet another incredible movie. hehe.
*** Only really special people know that movie, and only really really special people caught the double media reference. (english comedy and ninja turtles.)

I just realized that I might possibly maybe be a movie buff ahem freak. if I watch less tv will my creative abilities return, perhaps? we can (only hope). name that movie.

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