Thursday, January 6, 2011

my best friend is THE best friend

- he fixed the passenger side sun visor in his car because I was getting headaches and got really excited about surprising me with it.
- he was really nice about it when i broke his screen door with my face. (see previous post)
- he made me chicken soup when i was sick
- that time my sister was in the er and i was at home with matthew freaking out and he and sarah left school early and came and stayed with me.
- he bought me goldfish
- he let me use his locker for a whole year so i wouldn't have to walk all the way to j hall where i had no classes.
- he gets really, really, unusually a lot, excited about the old big big loaders set. we played with it for three hours. in junior year of high school. did i feel like i was five years old? yes. was it one of the most fun three hours i have ever spent? absolutely.
- i punched him in the face and he got over it.
- he was really nice about the whole awkward falling scene in Nickleby, which was slightly uncomfortable for me and infinitely more uncomfortable for him.
- we get each other really good birthday presents, for example, a day at Lagoon. which was awesome both times. expensive and dang worth it.

anyway. Justin, way to be awesome.

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