Monday, January 24, 2011

Cross your fingers and hold your thumbs... muster up some luck for the following items in my life.

1 yet another job making pizza. I am pretty sure there are better jobs in the world, but I was past caring about ninety years ago. call me back, manager!
2 math test that isn't happening for another week and a half. which doesn't matter because I dreamed about it for the third time last night. actually, that one could be classified as a nightmare.
3 letter from Nate! write me! 
4 Brighton Counseloring! hire me!
5 English Scholarship! Good news- my English professor told me today that I had a good chance of getting one cause I was on the Dean's List last semester. Please a thousand times please.

Call me crazy for making wishes over railroad tracks, but I believe in such things. Superstitions are just another way of sending out some "please! Please! PLEASE!" vibes to the universe in general.

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