Sunday, April 24, 2011

10 things I love about my brother

1. He taught me the art of firecrackers. And smoke bombs. And making things explode inside buckets. And basically anything related to hooliganism I have ever done.

2. He sings Phantom of the Opera with me in the middle of the night. Michael Crawford? Ha! Alex Robinson! I can see it in lights!

3. He understands. Number one person who not only sympathizes, but actually understands what I am feeling and lets me ramble about it even if it is two in the morning and he is falling asleep.

4. I love the Wierd Al logo, especially the one etched into the mirror.  You should trademark it, Al.

5. He always manages to hurt himself in really creative ways. Like when he stabbed himself in the leg with his own butterfly knife, or when he got hit by a car on the way to school, or got that two inch piece of wood skewered straight inside his bicep during family prayer, or got shot in the hand at the shooting range. ( He still has the shrapnel they dug out of his finger).

6. He is the best driver out of all of us, which I am sure has something to do with all the hours spent playing motocross madness and need for speed. Not just anyone can make give you an adrenaline rush while driving a fifteen passenger van, and  yet, he''s the only one who never crashed one. hmm.

7. He is loyal, and also very protective. He had this rule growing up called, "I can pick on my little sisters all I want, but you touch them and I'll break your jaw, for starters."

8. He wrote all the old proscenium labels at dear old Taylorsville. I used to sit by the flyrails and look at the oleo signs whenever I missed him.

9. He not only managed to succesfully carry a knife at school every day without getting busted, but also got his picture in the yearbook holding it. Destined for greatness.

10. We are friends. Not everyone can say that about their brothers. I can.

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  1. You have done well my young apprentice!


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