Monday, April 11, 2011

Living on the edge

aka, playing sudoku with a pen.

If I couldn't laugh at myself, the world would be a hideous place. Cause today I picked up the Statesman, dug through my backpack to find a pencil, and came up empty. Thought to myself,  "Crap!"

And then I realized that I had stumbled upon the mark of a truly boring individual.

So, dang it, I played sudoku with a pen! And this feeling came over me. I felt like I was driving a corvette six inches away from the north rim at 120! I was on that huge roller coaster Matthew talks about nonstop everyday! I was free! I was exciting! I was... wait.

A truly boring individual.

So here's me taking a moment to stand in horror at my small, safe, sheltered life.
I think I'll go lay in the middle of a busy road or something. 

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