Monday, April 4, 2011

Because I'm sick, and also really good at avoiding algebra

and I choose to blog instead of doing that homework that I really ought to be doing.
So I have this cold. And when I say cold, I mean I have been hacking up a lung for a week. And I am exhausted and also grumpy about the world (and when I say world, I mean school) not stopping for me so I can keep up with all the crap I'm supposed to be doing instead of taking six hour naps and taking nyquil.

So today in my English class, the professor stopped in the middle of a lecture to ask my fellow classmates to produce a cough drop. (was he genuinely concerned, or just annoyed that nobody could hear him above my wheezing and dying noises? probably both, because he is a nice person but also human.) And then he said something about feeling sorry for me because he was sick last week and he knows how it feels to have a cold and be so drugged on top of it that you are unable to function. or something. And I sat there the whole time in my hazy, spinning, world, thinking " Why are you still talking? End this rant as soon as possible so people will stop looking. I'll do my best to hack quietly in the future. Also, why are you so attractive, you graduate student teacher, you?"

(Sidenote: Internet, have I told you about my professor crush? Thank goodness for my front-row habit. Cause I sat in the front row and then this guy showed up. Score. Also, I think there is just something about English professors. The guy who taught my lit analysis class last semester was also not too tough on the eyes. I think I chose the right major)

so then I came home and made muffins. and then watched a couple episodes of friends whilst laying in bed wishing that my room would stop spinning.  And then I woke up and it was seven. I'm pretty sure I dreamed about the English professor man.

I really should go do homework. Aka I have a math assignment due tomorrow and a Biology test to study for. Is any of that gonna happen tonight? mmm....

time to take more cold medicine. And maybe time to cave and go to the doctor like mom told me to last week. and really time to stop spouting my random thoughts to the internet.

(If I ever started drinking, someone would take away my computer so I couldn't blog inebriated, right? )

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