Thursday, April 28, 2011

And the Favorite Human award goes to....

Sarah Mooso, roommate extraordinaire, who today bought me a t shirt emblazoned with the logo of the liquid of the gods. That's right, I am wearing a Diet Coke shirt. She called me and said that she had found a shirt which completely summed up my personality and my experiences as a whole in this first year of my college career. I was skeptical about that shirt existing. But I have repented for my lack of faith, because she was right.

Other, maybe semi-related thoughts:

So there was this Downeast warehouse sale on the TSC patio today. Everything five dollars! Woot! Best day ever! I love life! So we went shopping. And I got a sundress and swimming shorts and that fabulous jacket that I wanted to buy in december but didn't because it was forty five dollars. Forty dollar savings? I feel good about that. (Sarah found that shirt for me there at the sale of the century.)

Also, the pool is now officially open. We had a pool party yesterday, complete with music blasting out of mike's window, putting Tori's almost dead goldfish into the pool and playing 'find the fish', and some really epic group cannonballing sessions. We also discovered that the screens on our windows are easily removable, which is great because my window is on ground level looking out at the pool. Instant passageway! just climb out to the sunshine, and when you are done you just fall from the window onto the marriage bed. It's a pretty great setup. I'm already sunburned. It's gonna be a great week. 

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