Thursday, April 28, 2011

" Am I a bad person? Probably."

Here I am, sitting in my Biology SI, listening as a sort of background noise, because I took dang good notes for the first hour and a half and I am done taking notes, and also because this guy makes my skin crawl with annoyance. How is it possible to sound that snotty and condescending when you are talking about characteristics of primates? If he rambles about genetics anymore I'm gonna kill something. But only in my imagination, because I think mean things but I usually don't say or do them.

Question. Does that make me a nice person or just a hypocrite? Do I just suck because a man I've never spoken to personally is the source of so much angst in my life?

Theoretical Answer: I try to be a nice person but I only succeed 50% of the time. The other 50%, I am pretty sure I just have the maturity level of a four year old throwing a  tantrum. I just do it in my brain as opposed to out loud like an actual four year old would.

Whaddya think, world? Am I a four year old in an adult's body or do I just have bratty tendencies sometimes? All I really know is that if I was the last woman on earth stuck with this guy, the human race would just be out of luck.

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