Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sending it out to the Cosmos

Sometimes I wrap myself up in a cocoon here in the huge bed in my room that is really two beds. And I think of lots of random things and sometimes cabbages and kings are involved, but mostly it is things like:
where do I look next for that elusive job that is out there somewhere?
Do I get up and do my homework or continue to enjoy myself here in dreamland?
If I just go tell the guys in the advising office, or the janitorial staff, or that bookstore, that I am desperate and emotionally drained, will they take pity and hire me?
Where the heck did I put that other package of cold medicine?
How should I know what the square root of  (x-2) + 4853 is?
How do all you people sound so dang confident when you say, "I'll just find a couple jobs."?
How do you sleep at night when no one wants to hire you even in the food industry?
What on earth am I doing here on earth in general?

So if anybody has answers to some of those questions, I'll be here sneezing and coughing and slugging through a pile of job applications. Feel free to offer any knowledge. Seriously.



    I got three job interviews out of it.

  2. Ok, you wanted advice and it is my sisterly duty to oblige you.
    Question #1: Hmmm that is a hard one. See Previous comment.
    Question #2: That depends on how much homework you have, if you can be comfortable in dreamland and not have a bad procrastinator feeling than you are probably ok.
    Question #3: That isn't such a bad idea. When I finally got my job I told him how long I had been out of work and how much I needed it. Don't be ashamed, go ahead and beg.
    Question #4: I really can't help you there, but did you check the kitchen by the sink?
    Question #5: Calculator
    Question #6: They are inexperienced.
    Question #7: close your eyes and wait a while.
    Question #8: Gaining your eternal salvation. No big deal. ;)
    Love you!


thank you for validating my existence, you lovely person!