Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Brilliance that was This Day

I came home from school and there was Sarah, waiting to shout exciting things at me the minute I walked in the door. The exciting things need some backstory, though. Rewind.

So there is this guy who is the pastor in some church. His name is Eli. Eli has a tiny chair and a whiteboard with an easel and he sits in the same spot in front of the TSC every day with scriptures and questions and sometimes judgmental statements displayed. He likes to discuss religion, aka yell at Mormons. He is hilarious. It cannot be a bad day if Eli is out there.

He says things that we laugh at. Like, "You better not die, cause you are going to Hell!" There's also the classic, "I have never met an LDS person who has come unto Christ. Never not one."

Long story short, he likes to tell us we are heathens.

Fast Forward. So we all know Sarah. She is clever and quick-witted. So today Sarah was walking to class and she passes Eli's white board and stops to read it. It had that one scripture that talks about how in the last days there will be false prophets and stuff. And below that it says, "How do you know your prophet isn't false?" Eli spots Sarah reading the whiteboard and pounces. He points straight at her and says, "How do you know your prophets aren't false?"

Sarah, surprised, stops for a minute, points straight back at him and says, "How do you know we aren't in The Matrix?"

Eli: Stunned face. No words.
Sarah: "Uh, thanks." walks away.

ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case. Best. Day. Ever.

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