Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The non swearing Alliance

Katie and Shane and I all have this problem called we swear sometimes. And swearing is  humorous and a very good stress reliever but also bad, because the prophet said so. Also because my dad told me that swearing is unladylike, and, along with smoking, is "the ultimate turn-off." So I'm only fifty percent a lady, I guess.

So. Katie and Shane struck this deal. The first one who swears has to buy the other one Cafe Rio food. And then I woke up from my nyquil induced stupor and they invited me to join. So we are not swearing. This includes blogging and texting. There is a whole list of words that count as swearwords. Not all of them are actual swearwords in my opinion but they are all words that I probably shouldn't say anyway.

wish me luck, internet. I will need it.

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