Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Good things are happening here. It's been a most exciting week here in Loganville for us Loganites.

1. The pool is filled up again, and one of these days they are gonna finish cleaning and chlorinating the thing and actually let us in. And we will cry with joy and then do cannonballs.

2. It's hump day of dead week. Which means that I have two assignments left in total, and the week of  painfully dragging everything out is on it's way out the door!

4. Turns out I am not fundamentally unhireable. Found a job. I can breathe again, and the world is a good place to be. Things work out. And every day I head towards the job board in the TSC and then remember with a surge of joy that I don't have to anymore. Bliss. times a million.

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