Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sometimes, Seuss, I feel like you are a big fat liar face

We are at two weeks and one day of classes left before finals week. Hence, this is the most miserable slumpish, stuck in the waiting place, not going anywhere with that head full of brains and shoes full of feet even though Dr. Seuss promised me that there was no one brainier or footsier or me feeling in this hemisphere! (Maybe something worse exists in the southern hemisphere, I don't know.)

I am frustrated because I have a lot of boring crap to finish, but even more frustrated that I can't just dig in and get it all done! I already made the Final list (the list of everything I have to do ever again in every one of my classes). And it will still take me three weeks of stress to finish when I could actually get it all done in three days if they would just bag the schedule and let us do it! I could have finished all of biology today, but no, we have to drag out three more assignments, four more lectures, and a test as much as we possibly can.

I just want to be done. This dragging stuff out does not have my vote. I have this constant headache, a bunch of stuff to turn in that I can't because it's not due for two and a half weeks, and a twenty four pack of that blessed liquid called diet coke burning a hole in the floor under my bed.

That's okay. I can be a big kid. I can take painkillers, be patient, and resist the diet coke cans that are screaming "DRINK ME!".  I can resist, because all that diet coke has to last through the very end of finals week, and this slumped feeling is gonna get a lot worse before it gets better. 

( you know, resisting the diet coke could be a factor in the nagging and everlasting headache. still, rehab will have to wait until finals are over, ya know, an eternity and a half from now...)

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